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Dj Mojin Sesion For Infernal Forces Records

no name
no name
no name
Nyocore - Mr Blue
Angerfirst - in million years
state of emergency - sock the pain
Miss Flowers - princess of posse
Imperfect toy & dj Noize - no cry
state of emergency - game time
the viper - no tricks
master of ceremony - dirt
the viper & g-town madness - let it bump
Evil activities & endymion - to claim to future
Nosferatu & endymion - act of god
angerfist - brothers keepers
Evil activities - as cold me
Mad dog - last motherfucker
no name
Triax - super mass up
Javi boss - alliance
Day mar - embracy the night
Hellsystem - my gun (orginal mix)
Hardcreation - creators of the core
tha playah vs dj mad dog - enter the time machine (tha_playah_mix)
the viper - blown the club down (orginal mix)
T-Juntion- adrenaline shotz
neophyte - the future priests of now (ft._lenny_dee)
T-Juntion - can stop me now
evil activities and dj panic - extreme_audio
endymion - stay focused (orignal mix)
Nosferatu & Ophidian - Psychiatric Ass
angels of darkness- and i'm the devil
neophyte & dj panic - mass confusion
paul - i am
art of fighters - redemption
Meccano Twins - Domin-hated
Tommyknocker - Learn from the pain
alien-t - shit back
no name
angerfirst - dortmund 05
Tommyknocker - sometimes
angerfirst - my critsh fetish
lazzard - go
Menace 2 Society - Chronic Disorder
nuclear device - like a bitch
no name
The Stunned Guys - You will survive
JDA. vs Bass D & King Matthew - Survivors of hardcore (Art of Fighters rmx)
Bass-D & King Matthew - More Than Rough
Dj D - Loose Control
Bass D & King Matthew vs. Buzz Fuzz - It's Allright(STUNNED GUYS RMX)
Art Of Fighters - Alleuja Motherfuckers
Fly by wire - Alkaline 3dh (Catscan remix)
DJ Master Sound vs DJ Squabbler - I Am The Master
no name
Dj Paul - I Had To Kill A Lot Of People (Dj Nosferatu Remix)
no name
minimix tomy hardcore junky
no name
nitrogenetics - my enemy
nitrogenetics - suicide
Dj Nosferatu - Unleash the fury
nitrogenetics - hate incorporate
no name
dj d - solo
no name
dj d - next soul
mad dog - Disorder
tommyknocker - showtime
Dr. Z-Vago - Hate Me
paul - rage rmx
no name
Dj NeoX vs Azazel - Tha Hardest Song
Evil Activities & Endymion - Before your eyes
negri - raven
tommyknocker - shotgun
Endymion - Failure (Nosferatu Rmx)
dj noize - sad angel
nitrogenetics - intimidation
angels_of_darkness- b1
Dj Nosferatu - Have It Your Way
no name
Dj Nosferatu Vs Endymion - All The Way Up
DJ_Neophyte_&_Tha_Playah - Still_Nr._1
Dj D - Samara (Fckd-Up Mix) madness vs the viper - here it comes
Nitrogenetics - Pledge of Resistance
no name
no name
no name
Ophidian - Butterfly Vip 



Dj Noize Vol.52

01-Tomcat And Rudeboy Ft Angerfist - TNT
02-Art Of Fighters - Do Or Die
03-Dj David Max Volume 4 - Keep Out
04-Dj Javi Crecente Presents Jorge Amaya - All Is Over
05-Dj Javi Crecente Presents Oscar Bera - Sacamaba Style
06-Art Of Fighters - Vulcano Action
07-Dj Sacrifice - Whats My Name
08-Dj Javi Colas - The Genesis World
09-Crystal Lemon - Give Me More
10-M-Guixx - Personal Sound
11-Nitrogenetics And Dj D Feat. Hellsystem - Party down
12-C.O.R.E. System - Torn Down
13-Nosferatu - Outshine Any Competition
14-Dj David Max Volume 4 - Pussy Like Bitches
15-Night Shift Feat Irene - All IWwant Is You (speed mix)
16-Dj Sacrifice - Shaka Boom
17-Nosferatu - Enemigo Del Estado
18-Dj Noise - Chemical Terror 160
19-Dj Thomas Feat. Sylb - Hands In The Air
20-Piramide The Global Music Presents Imperio - Do It Right
21-Dj Thomas Feat. Sylb - La Tijera
22-Da Bulldozer Project - Arise (Na-Goyah remix) 


Dj Noize Vol.51



01-Art Of Fighters Feat Mc Justice - Brace For Impact
02-Darkvizion - Rize
03-Boss Jovi - Kirandeflor
04-Dany Bpm Meets Makoky And Vid - Hands Up
05-Belleza - Yo No Te Pido La Luna
06-Brainblaster - One More
07-Mad Dog & Noize Supressor - Fire
08-Javi Boss - Check Out (Nitrogenetics Remix)
09-Dj Auza - Cut's And Dog's
10-Dj Javi Crecente Pres. Dj Jorge Amaya - All Is Over
11-Dj Sacrifice - Rock Your Mind
12-Art Of Fighters With Mad Dog - Party Starter
13-Dj Sacrifice - Whats My Name
14-Bad Customz - Relax
15-Dj Ruano - Rocking
16-Crystal Lemon - Give Me More
17-Dj Fran Gimenez - Goodfellaz
18-Outblast - Eardrumz (Javi Boss Remix)
19-G-Town Madness And The Viper - Come As One (Project Hardcore Anthem 2007)
20-Dany Bpm Meets Makoky And Vid - Trouble High
21-Dj Javi Crecente Pres. Dj Oscar Bera - To Be Right
22-Art Of Fighters - Let's Get In On
23-Noiza Supressor - Face The Future
24-Meccano Twins - Alpha Release 


Sesion by Dj Mojin

Mainframe - Sur5
jump killers - Not for the world
Noize Supressor - Overdrive
Piramide - dans van drunkar
Mojin - minimix2008
emo dj presents urbano -love me tonight(emo_dj_remix_07)
Mojin - minimix2008
polaris - Pega duro
Mojin - minimix2008
no name
the playboyz - check one (coone_rmx)
no name
Evil Activities & Tha Playah - Raise it up
Outblast - Eardrumz (Javi Boss Remix)
Dubplate 2 - Crash! Bone!!
no name
dj d - gloria
no name
t-junction and osiris - Cant stop us now
Art Of Fighters & Endymion - Let’s Get It On
Axel Force - It's my life (javi_boss_rmx)
kore brothers - papisafire
headhunterz - the sacrifice
Art Of Fighters - Digital Shampoo
dj ogalla - time is up later
Meccano Twins - Tendrils Of Agony 


Dark Soul Sesion 27-08-07

Tieum & Ophidian - Dark is a part of you
Tieum - What?
The Outside Agency - The new master
Sei2ure - Kaos communication
Tieum & Ophidian - Be carefull
The Outside Agency - Pure darkness
Tieum - J.O.Y.
Tieum & Ophidian - De la rue
The Wishmaster - Figth!
Nosferatu - Road to salvation
Tieum - Show me the devil


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